Stamped Concrete

Let Us Do Something Unique With Stamped Concrete Castle Rock Co Can Do For You

One of the best parts of our job at Castle Rock Concrete Co is getting to create unique solutions to what seem like problems for a client. One of the coolest ways we get to do this is stamped concrete. Stamping is done at the time the concrete is poured. Think “hand print of your kids and a date”, except taken to a much more pleasing level. Stamped concrete allows us to imprint a vast array of different patterns into the surface of the concrete, and often stain following to highlight areas or create a patina. Some of the unique items used to create beautiful patterns are leaves, bamboo and rough wood, burlap, flowers, or stamps creating things like road signs, a compass rose, or other symbols. The variety really is only limited by your imagination and the depth needed for the design. Reasonably priced, stamping can match a décor or set a theme, and also can be used to create a more slip-free surface on a concrete deck, patio, or floor. Call us or send in the quote form for a free estimate. Share your ideas and our design staff will get with you to share thoughts, ideas, and information about how Castle Rock stamped concrete can greatly improve the look of your concrete project from grey and blah to great and beautiful. We are locally owned and operated and serve the whole Greater Denver region for stamped concrete and other concrete work.

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