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Concrete can be a thing of beauty when the work is done by a reputable, experienced concrete contractor Castle Rock CO knows and trusts. We are neighbors, a Colorado licensed contractor with years of experienced and crews that know not only what they are doing and how to do it, but care about what they are doing and how it turns out. Castle Rock Concrete Co serves the entire greater Denver area with high quality concrete installations ranging from driveways and parking spots to patios and pool surrounds. We do kitchen floors in addition to quality concrete staining, acid staining, stamping, and texturing work. Our quality polishing work is known throughout the area, and we pride ourselves in inconveniencing our commercial customers as little as possible when we do their floors, because we know down time is lost revenue. Call us or send in our contact form and we can arrange a convenient time to discuss your project and give you a free estimate. Concrete is a reasonable, environmentally sound material that lasts, is low maintenance, and can mimic many other materials at a fraction of the cost. Give us your ideas and need, and we will provide you a solution easy to live with and reasonably priced.

Look For an Experienced Concrete Contractor Castle Rock Co Knows and Trusts

Before you start a new project involving concrete work, ask yourself two questions – first, do you really want the mess and back breaking labor of trying to do it yourself with only “ok” success when done, and second, who do your friends and neighbors recommend do the work? Most often you will hear Castle Rock Concrete Co’s name brought up as the trusted concrete contractor in the Castle Rock and greater Denver area. They often will add that it was a great job for a really good price. They might continue and tell you how polite the crew was, how nice they left the job site, and how little mess there was, allowing them to have their upcoming celebration on their new concrete patio. Castle Rock Concrete Co takes being a locally owned and operated full service concrete contractor seriously, and we work hard to be not only the top provider in the area, but to support our community as well. We live and work here, and we want a beautiful, healthy community for our families to grow up in. That includes attention to local regulations and community sentiment about environmental issues and keeping Colorado clean and beautiful for future generations. Our many years of experience lets you relax and know your finished concrete project will be done right, be durable, and will not break the bank. Call us for a free quote and let’s get started so you can relax sooner on that new patio.

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Why We Are The Concrete Contractors Castle Rock Colorado Recommends

There are a lot of companies that pour, pump, or ladle concrete in the area. Denver, after all, is big and growing bigger, with lots of new construction and remodeling going on. When you need a concrete contractor that can do it all, that is, pour a patio for instance, and has the artistic savvy and expertise to make it look like brick, stone, or another material, all in one company – well, now you have something. Complete concrete services are what we do, and we do them very well. Our experienced crews love making concrete look like something different, if that is the need, or making it look beautiful with colorings, acid stains, stamping, or other treatments to change everyone’s mind who looks at it regarding “ugly old grey concrete”. There is nothing plain or dull about any of our concrete work when done, whether it comes out looking like Colorado bluestone or a finely polished patina enhanced floor. We take a lot of pride in giving you a finished product you have every right to be very proud of, at a very reasonable price. Call Castle Rock Concrete Co for a free estimate. Share your ideas, we will give our input based on years of experience, and a plan will be drawn up for a unique, practical, easy to maintain concrete installation. We can do everything from your driveway and parking spot to a concrete patio, stamped pool surround, or stunning stained and patterned kitchen floor. Castle Rock Concrete Co, making your ideas into unique concrete presentations Coloradoans have come to expect.

Important Things Concrete Driveway Contractors Castle Rock Concrete Co Knows

Concrete is a challenging material to work with, as it is extremely heavy and drying. Most people do not realize that concrete weighs in around 60-80 lb a bag dry, making the wet weight unreal. Doing concrete as a do-it-yourself job is hard work, can get you hurt, and honestly, we rarely see it well done. Start with a concrete contractor that knows all phases of concrete and does it with years of experience and care for your property, Castle Rock Concrete Co. Our crews are trained, talented, and keep the jobsite clean. We work hard to stay on schedule, especially since a lot of concrete work has to be done around our beautiful but challenging Mile High climate. We are licensed by the State of Colorado, and insured. Locally owned and operated, we pride ourselves in our reviews, recommendations, and referrals from happy customers, residential and commercial alike. We want every concrete job to be as nice, stable, and durable as possible with the materials and situation at hand, including the preparation for the work, soil or rock it goes over, or foundation it is poured on. Our team will make suggestions for the correct mix, necessary additives to prevent cracking, coloring agents that are non-toxic and do not off-gas, and required curing times and temperatures. We are the top concrete contractor large and small in the Denver area, and we work hard to keep that reputation. Let us show you how important it is to hire a qualified, experienced concrete contractor with a free quote for your next concrete job from Castle Rock Concrete Co.

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That’s concrete? - Castle Rock CO Loves Castle Rock Concrete Co’s Artistic Concrete

We really love it when we get invited to an open house or an event where we have done artistic concrete work for a pleased customer. So often we see someone in a conversation that starts with “I just love your floor…” and yup, pretty soon they are reaching down after gasping “no way!” to touch it. They have to prove it to themselves it is not slate, Colorado blue stone, cobble, river rock, brick, or any other of a variety of materials besides good old concrete. Not only can Castle Rock Concrete Co stamp and texture your concrete floors, deck, patio, pool surround, or drive, we can pigment stain, acid stain, or otherwise texture, stamp, and color it complete with shadows, layering, and patina. A good priced alternative to natural or other manufactured materials, concrete is a much more environmentally sound choice that costs less, is very durable, does not fade, is easy to maintain, and is non-toxic. Come on, you always love watching those kind of reactions, admit it, savvy homeowner or business buyer you are. Call us for a free quote on getting those surprised gasps over your new beautiful, artistic concrete project. Our experienced artisans do all the hard work, and you get all the envy and enjoyment for being so smart to use reasonably priced, smart concrete.


Want a New Concrete Patio Castle Rock CO Wants to Party On?

We get it, we are working folks like most of Colorado, and when it comes time to grill up for the big game or share a steaming cup of hot chocolate and s’mores with the family, a concrete patio is the bomb. We know that you work hard, play hard, and time for maintenance and cleaning needs to be minimal and easy. That is why a durable, tough concrete patio, pool surround, or even sidewalks and landing can be such a great addition to your home. A concrete patio is one of the things homebuyers are looking for in a property in Colorado, to be able to enjoy more of our beautiful outdoors, well, outdoors. It is a great place for employees to unwind and enjoy lunch. A place to enjoy a summer meal with the kids, curl up with a book on the lounge, or listen to the birds sing during sunrise with a hot cup of coffee – life just does not get any better than that. We know how you feel, and that adding a patio shouldn’t break the bank. Call Castle Rock Concrete Co, or drop our contact form to us with some information. We will schedule a convenient time for a walk of the project location and to provide a free estimate. We work hard to keep inconvenience to a minimum as well as mess. When you want a place to put the picnic table and grill where you can get to it and use it a lot more, let us make it happen for you with a new concrete patio.

Why We Love Concrete and Colorado From Castle Rock Concrete Co

Colorado and concrete go hand in hand in our minds. Bedrock, beautiful vistas, and practical things that blend in and don’t create a lot of fuss. Things that last, and provide enjoyment, most of it outdoors, or with friends and family. That sounds like Colorado to us, and that is what concrete provides – memories, practical use, and a good investment in your property. Castle Rock Concrete Co, your top concrete contractor northern Colorado knows and trusts. Call us today for your free quote.